A Professional Development Program for Christian Educators

5 Modules

A 10-hour course specifically designed with educators in mind. 

World-renowned Speakers

Learn from Os Guinness, John Lennox, Jeff Myers, Christopher Yuan, John Stonestreet, and many more. 

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Addressing the Cultural Issues of the Day

  • Addresses questions about LGBTQ+ issues
  • Empower students to interpret the worldview and values of popular entertainment
  • Help students protect themselves from the negative influences of “smartphone” addiction
  • Develop a culture of openness where it is safe for students to ask questions, express doubts and seek help
  • Equip faculty and students to respond to challenges about Christian beliefs
  • Personally model a commitment to spiritual growth and biblical living for their students

Featured Speaker: Dr. Os Guinness

In this video from module one, Os lays out a historical and biblical perspective of this cultural moment that helps us shape our teaching and discipleship of our students.


Equip Yourself and Your Students

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