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Worldviews & Cultural Fluency

A Professional Development Program for Christian Educators. This program will provide guidance for teaching worldviews, culture, and cultural engagement. You can also receive CEU credits for viewing this course.

Learn from Os Guinness, John Lennox, Jeff Myers, Christopher Yuan, John Stonestreet, and many more about how to engage society in this cultural moment.

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Worldview Formation

Join Stefan Wilson from Gilbert Christian Schools as he discusses what a worldview is and how we can develop a biblical worldview in our students.

Through this course, our goal is to equip believers to grow in their thinking so they can grow in their living.

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Worldview Formation 201

In this course, we will look at reasoned beliefs that make up the christian worldview, how the biblical story gives an explanation for the world around us, and engage with observable data and interpret it within a biblical worldview.

You will have greater clarity on the core convictions of a biblical worldview, the context that we teach and how it relates to a biblical worldview, and the story of realty as the context in which we live and move and have our being.

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What Would You Say?

In a world where “truth” seems to change every five minutes, What Would You Say? gives you quick answers for today’s hardest questions. Each five-minute video helps you navigate today’s tricky cultural assumptions with clarity, confidence, and courage.

Engage our "What Would You Say?" videos on a deeper level with our free teacher and student guides!

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